The Declaration of Asia-Pacific Intelligent Green Building Alliance Conference

To provide a safe, healthy, convenient, comfortable, energy saving and sustainable living environment for people in Asia and worldwide, the development of intelligent green building has recently become a global trend in the building industry. Asian countries have been playing a major role in the supply chain of the information and communication technology (ICT) industry. The establishment of Asian Pacific Intelligent Green Building Alliance (APIGBA) will facilitate integration of the ICT and building industries and form a platform for the technology exchange of intelligent green building  industry among Asian countries and regions.

To demonstrate the intelligent green building technology of Asia to the world and to add value to new and existing buildings, we will work together in the aspects of intelligent green building related research, specifications, technology, maintenance, and management. Through the activities of APIGBA, we can promote intelligent green building technology, cloud computing, digital convergence, and green energy in the building industry. We hope that the development of intelligent green building can help more cities in Asia gradually transform into intelligent green cities. The goal of APIGBA is to enable the Asia Pacific region to be the world leader in intelligent green living