Asia Pacific Intelligent Green Building Alliance From Asia to the World

presidentIt has been more than four years since the founding of theTIBA back on February 23, 2010. Having the support from industry, government, academia and also from the members and board members of the Association, TIBA has been growing rapidly since its establishment. We have worked jointly with the government agencies to promote intelligent living space and intelligent green buildings; we have completed a number of research projects on intelligent buildings; we have assisted the owners and architects to plan and design outstanding intelligent green buildings; we have trained and issued certificates to intelligent green building practitioners. So far, there are 330 trainees completed the training course and 138 have successfully obtained the TIBA-IGBAP certification. In addition, the association began in 2010 to integrate the ICT industry and building industry by organizing the event of “2010 Intelligent Buildings and Intelligent Building Materials Exhibition”. During the exhibition, we announced the declarations of TIBA. In 2013, we drafted the by-laws for credentials of the Intelligent Building Material Label. In 2014, the Intelligent Building Materials Certification System was put on the road and got positive response from the industry. So the association has been actively engaged in the visiting activities among Asia Pacific countries to exchange knowledge and technology on IB and is hoping to push Taiwan’s ICT industry back on the international stage. So far, we have kept close relation with the intelligent green building associations in mainland China, Hong Kong and Korea. After three years preparation, we have made the establishment of Asia Pacific Intelligent Green Building Alliance be a reality.

Being the President of the association, I have been working hard to promote our association. Over the past four years, the association has continued to grow. Currently, we have 109 individual members and 66 corporative members. Our office has moved from the remote Mt. Yangming to the most prosperous district in Taipei. We have remained committed to ensuring Taiwan’s intelligent green building industry would move on and grow bigger and stronger. As I am about to end my term of presidency, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped to make our goals fulfilled and accomplished. The founding of Asia Pacific Intelligent Green Building Alliance (APIGBA) will bring TIBA to the international level. I urge all the members of the association to continue your supports and contributions to TIBA and let us also join hands with our Asian friends to provide a better living environment for the people in Asia and worldwide.

On behalf of the members of Taiwan Intelligent Building Association, I would like to thank you for attending this conference and make your contributions. Wish a great success of this conference and good health to all of you.




Taiwan Intelligent Building Association

April 10, 2014 in Taipei