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  • Common esteem: Regard is extremely expected and ought to be present off all of you on the each other right away of your own relationship. Without it, arguments normally elevate actual soon.
  • She have to consider your viewpoints: Even though it is appreciable that you like and come up with the woman happy and you can go with this lady feedback whenever in order to delight the girl, it’s very perhaps not entirely compliment. The dating add couple, and therefore, the opinions have to be appreciated too.
  • Currency shouldn’t be a large deal: Yes, riches and you may condition also have great privileges, but it’s maybe not incredibly important. It definitely should not be the base of a relationship. If you think the lady has been you for the money, move out immediately!


Regardless of if Southern area Korea offers getting toward peak regarding adaptation, the latest neighborhood is still absorbed in almost any traditions and life style. Wedding is considered to be a valuable element in the lifetime of the brand new Southern Koreans. It make the organization off marriage most absolutely and you may solemnly hope so you can support the wedding. This is exactly mainly due to brand new morals and standards that they was provided having of youngsters. The fresh facet of the need for family relations continues even more firmly immediately after wedding.

Even although you provides fell crazy about a modern-day South Korean lady, the crucial thing on how to find acceptance off the lady friends participants. The fresh males from the woman family members, particularly the woman father and you may older sister need certainly to promote concur. This is not so you can allude on versatility the girl enjoys however, a whole lot more related to new prevalent cultural norm.

Getting a guy and you may valuing the fresh new society is a sure way in order to attract the newest women’s family. It can be important to respond to most of the question which they ask. It may sound intrusive otherwise absurd, however, understand that they need to be sure you’ll manage their girl for lifetime. Relationships try a relationship for lifetime to the south Koreans.

Southern Korean lady possess higher intimate impression. It is better if you have a huge arrange for the fresh offer. Make certain she wants they, and it is considering her preference. You should make the girl feel appreciated and you will cherished so as that she are happy to convince their relatives to accept your.

But, before you go towards friends to possess recognition, it is very far better provides a discussion to the lady that you consider a future having. But if, she feels one to wedding is not toward notes instantaneously, don’t pester the lady about it. Instead, show romantic body gestures to demonstrate the fresh power and you will honesty of your love.


Multiple rituals and you may traditions surround weddings from inside the Southern area Korea. The people here are somewhat sentimental about maintaining and maintaining years-old culture. He or she is well aware of the importance to keep and keep the newest rituals and you will tradition that have been weaved towards the several factors of its lifetime.

If you have sure the latest girl’s household members having relationship, you can aquire prepared to feel several of the most amazing and enjoyable traditions which can make your matrimony really splendid. Some of the living and you can traditions related the marriage are supplied below.

  • Chin-young-rye: Weddings listed here are fundamentally held on courtyard of the bride’s home. That it ceremony is the fulfilling of the bridegroom towards the members of the family of your own bride towards marriage. The fresh new groom are provided because of the girukabui, that is referred to as an informed son.
  • Jeon-an-rye: From inside the olden days, the chatki mobile latest groom accustomed expose wild geese so you’re able to their mom-in-law. Now, the newest custom try changed to your to provide wooden geese. However,, the concept remains the exact same. The idea of to provide brand new nuts geese try a vow so you can manage their girl because the nuts geese companion to have a beneficial life.